Our detailed information folders are available in the lunchroom and guide you through the impressive surroundings of the campsite.

Our Letni Den App too provides a lot of information about the surroundings and its facilities.

Campsite Letni Den is located in a sunny area of southern Moravia at the border with Austria. Countless country roads lead to picturesque spots where you could go picnicking without the noise of traffic. The Moravian Highlands have a continental climate with warm summers. Therefore ‘Letni Den’ literally means ‘summer day’. These highlands reach heights up to 837 metres. A breathtaking area lost in time. Ancient forests still contain the fresh air of unspoiled nature.

The family campsite "Letni Den" is surrounded by forests and meadows at the riverbank of the "Dyje". The campsite lies at a height of 442 metres. From the campsite you could go sightseeing to historic, picturesque towns like Slavonice, Dačice, Telč and Waidhofen an der Thaya in Austria.

It’s certainly worthwhile to spend a day in Austria. Niederösterreich offers stunning natural parks and charming villages. You will experience the cultural differences between the two states straight after crossing the border. The river "Dyje" finds its way through the quiet nature and flows, after a loop through Austria, into Vranov reservoir.

This part of the Czech Republic changes into a real paradise during spring.

Thousands of fruit trees bear tender blossom and vast arable land covered with yellow rapeseed leave an indelible mark. The temperature is already quite pleasant during spring. Letni Den is located on the premises of a former hunting lodge, which was part of an estate that belonged to the palace in Staré Hobzi. For more historical background, go to: Czech backgrounds.

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25 degrees on average
25 degrees on average

Did you know....

25 degrees on average

The campsite is sheltered in a valley which means that temperatures are higher during daytime. July and August are the warmest months. The average temperature lays around 25 degrees in southern Moravia in these months. It can be quite chilly during the night. A thick blanket might come in useful.
The region where the campsite is located (South Moravia) processes an average of 440 ml of precipitation. This makes this area the warmest and driest part of the country.

The best family outings

  • Vranov Reservoir
  • The town of Telč (Unesco)
  • Jihlava Zoo
  • Steam train trip Slavonice
  • Landštejn Castle
  • Outdoor swimming pool Dačice

The best ice cream parlours

  • Italian ice cream parlour, Slavonice
  • Soft ice cream, main square Dačice
  • Ice cream parlour, Telč
  • And of course our own Letni Den ice creams!
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Slavonice is located at the border with Austria. The town is accessible for foreign visitors since 1991. This town breathes an authentic atmosphere. Those who love architecture can indulge themselves in the beautiful facades with biblical scenes. Slavonice contains quite a number of restaurants where you can order a proper Czech meal for a reasonable price.


Dačice is a historical trading town. The town is already mentioned in old documents from the 11th century. But Dačice became really well-known after the invention of the sugar cube. A local sugar factory produced the first cube in 1849. A monument in the centre of the town reminds its visitors of this invention. The town contains a number of nice and local shops.


Telč has a fabulous architectural beauty. It is not surprising that this town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. The centre of the town is of impressive beauty. You can find breathtaking sculptures, beautiful fountains and distinctive facades. Don’t forget to pay a visit to its characteristic arcades.


Vanaf Letni Den kun je uitstapjes maken naar de idyllische en historische stadjes in de omgeving zoals Slavonice, Dacice, Telc en het Oostenrijkse Waidhofen an der Thaya.

2x de bocht om en je bent in Oostenrijk. Een bezoekje is zeker de moeite waard. Even een hele andere cultuur proeven in de "pünktliche" dorpjes en winkeltjes. De "iets bekendere taal" en gewoon met Euro's betalen geeft leuke afwisseling van je vakantie. Het water van de rivier de "Dyje" vindt zijn weg door de verstilde natuur en mondt, na een lus door Oostenrijk te hebben gemaakt, uit in het stuwmeer Vranov. Langs deze rivierroute zijn prachtige eeuwenoude burchten te vinden.

De christelijke familiecamping Letni Den is omgeven door bossen en velden en ligt aan de oever van de rivier de "Dyje". De camping ligt op een hoogte van 442 meter. De gebouwen van Letni Den gelegen op het terrein van een voormalig jachtslot, maakten vroeger deel uit van het landgoed behorende bij het paleis dat in het dorp Stare Hobzi ligt. Voor meer geschiedenis en historische achtergronden kun je kijken op: Tsjechische achtergronden.

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Bus trips to Prague & Vienna

Letni Den organizes a bus trip to Prague or Vienna during the high season on a weekly basis. A coach with air conditioning departs from the campsite at 8.00 a.m. and arrives around 10.30 a.m. in the city centre of Prague or Vienna. You receive a map of the city centre and you can explore the city on your own. The coach picks you up from the city centre at 7.00 p.m. and you arrive at the campsite around 9.30 p.m.

Prague: the Golden City

Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The numerous sights adorn the entire city. From the Prague Castle to the Charles Bridge, everything is equally impressive. The historic centre is build between the 11th and the 18th century and still maintains its authentic character. The city of Prague played an important role in the spread of Christianity and its link to urban development. In the next centuries, the city attracted many architects from all over Europe, who contributed to a beautiful capital with a wide range of building styles.

Vienna: the Imperial City

The time of the powerful Austro-Hungarian empire has already been gone for more than a century, but Vienna still breathes its imperial ambience. After the fall of communism in Eastern Europe in 1989, the Austrian capital plays a significant role as the Gate to the East. A great and friendly city to spend your time: enchanting palaces and many other baroque buildings, beautifully laid out gardens, its Prater amusement park, classical music and of course Schönbrunn palace, the main summer residence of the Empress Elisabeth, known as "Sisi".

Explore the city!
Explore the city!